Check out what our happy customers are saying about their
Daydream Portals original art door vinyls!


"The door decals I've had installed look great! I was pleased with the large variety of artistic door decals offered. We chose 3 very different styles for our doors and each one looks unique and intriguing. They add color and personality to each room. I was a little nervous to see how the decals would work on my raised panel doors, but the thick vinyl appears smooth and hides the panels well. My grandchildren were especially excited to find the ladybug on the sunflower decal. Thanks for adding some fun to my home."

–Stacie, Phoenix

"We love the splash of color these decals bring to my mom's house. I was amazed by how it transformed the space! So far, they’ve held up well to my 3 little children running in and out all day. Well done!"

–K May, Phoenix 

"We are very happy with our new Daydream Portal door coverings! They have definitely transformed our kitchen into a more interesting space. And we've received compliments on it from everyone that has stopped by our house as well! Our girls have one on their door and they love having such a "beautiful door"! I was a bit worried that the coverings wouldn't look smooth since we have panels on our doors, but you can't even tell the panels are behind the covering. We will highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a unique way to jazz up their home." 

–Jennifer, Phoenix 

"This vinyl art decal is overwhelming! I can’t believe how well it ties everything in my kitchen together. What was always a boring little alcove that I would prefer to keep hidden is now the most beautiful focal point of my kitchen! Daydream Portals is amazing!" 

–Lisa, Phoenix

"On a scale of 1 to 10, I give the decal application process an easy 2! Our pantry door is a flush door, so I did encounter some air bubbles but nothing that didn’t smooth out with hand pressure. Trimming the excess vinyl on the sides was no problem with a razor blade. I really anticipated this might be more complicated than it was. This was fun!"

–Kelly, Phoenix

"The original owner of our building had a large fish aquarium in the spot now occupied by our Daydream Portal door, so it was only fitting that we cover our door with a portal of the deep ocean. We feel it has a calming effect in our dental clinic, where many feel apprehensive about the services they are about to receive! The Daydream Portal team is just amazing." 

–Darwin N Davis DDS, Phoenix

"I am very impressed with the finished look of our door in our dental clinic. It looks wonderful, and brings a great feel to the office as the patients enter. It is a great asset to our office." 

–Susan Davis, Phoenix

"I spend a great deal of time in my craft room which is filled with shelves, boxes, fabric, and chaos as I always have several projects going at any one time. I needed some peace amid the chaos. Daydream Portals had the perfect solution. I now have a window into a peaceful, pastoral scene I find very soothing. Now all I have to do is turn my chair around and sweet serenity soothes my soul and I sigh as I sink into the tranquility of Welsh Cottage Spring. I watched the installation video and reviewed the explanation they have on their website and it was quite easy."

–Nola, Utah