How to Apply the Art Vinyl to Your Door

You Will Need:

  • Brand new razor blade (be careful!)
  • Phillips screwdriver or Allen wrench/hex key
  • Spritz of 30% isopropyl alcohol/70% water solution or just plain ol' Windex
  • Wash rag
  • Lint-free cloth 

Step 1: Kick it Off

  • Initiate project mode music playlist; volume @ 89%.
  • Take a BEFORE photo of your target door.
  • Remove doorknob/handle.
  • Sweetly sand down any elevation flaws (paint drips, bumps, etc.).
  • NEVER trim the decal before applying it to the door! Wow.
  • Wait at least 30 days before applying the decal if fresh paint is on the door (it's making gasses and stuff).

Step 2: Clean is Keen

  • Clean and dry the door thoroughly: Spray with alcohol/water solution and wipe surfaces clean; dry completely with a lint-free cloth; shoo away curious cattos, doggos, and tail-less wonder bum guinea pigs.

Step 3: Buddy System

  • Wait at least 30 minutes after eating before diving into the application process. 
  • Call a friend! They can be all chill and hold the door or the decal steady while you apply the decal or pull the backing away. Between the two of you more decal should be on the door instead of on a head.

Step 4: Puttin' on the Ritz

  • Center your work: Mark with a teeny pencil tick the middle of the door at the top door edge; mark the top middle of the decal with a piece of tape or sticky note.
  • ​Slowly peel from the top of the decal about 8-10 inches of the backing paper; fold the top edge of the backing paper to create a “folded handle” (this facilitates the next time you pull a little section). Pull SLOWLY and evenly across the width of the decal.
  • Match the mid-point of the vinyl to the door and even-steven with the top edge of the door.
  • Smooth the vinyl into place by pressing at the mid-point, sideways down and away (see video @ 0:38). Hello! Do NOT press the decal into panel door depressions! Press only on the top-most flat surfaces. 
  • Correct crookedness or wrinkles by cheerfully peeling off the decal and re-aligning it again.
  • If your door hinges extend onto the front surface of the door, cut a tiny slit with the razor blade at the top and bottom edge of the hinge (video @ 1:02).
  • Feel for the doorknob/handle hole; cut an “X” through the vinyl within the borders of the hole (@ 1:11 on video), re-attach the doorknob/handle.
  • Gently trim away excess vinyl with a new razor blade using the door edge as your guide (see video @ 1:25).
  • Take an AFTER photo of your door utterly transformed: send it to us with your customer testimonial (extra points if it is in poetry form or if you are wearing a costume posing next to your magic portal).

Step 5: Trill!

  • Time for a house party to show off your posh new Daydream Portal!  :D