Frequently Asked Questions

*For questions about installing your new door vinyl, check out our easy step-by-step installation guide


1. Is there a way I can see the vinyl decal material before making a purchase?  

YES! We are happy to send you a miniature, FREE sample. Request sample at: Please identify your name and mailing address.

2. Will the vinyl decal work on a panel door?  

YES! As long as the panel structure of the door has horizontal rails or central panels to interrupt depressed portions. 

3. What about the decal creating bubbles or stretching out of shape during installation? 

No problem! Bubbles are non-existent on a panel door and can be easily smoothed out on a flush door with bare hands or a credit card with a thin dishcloth stretched over it to prevent scratching. Stretching will not happen. This material is NOT a "wrap" or a "skin"; it is much sturdier and cannot stretch.

4. My door has molding on it. Can I put the decal over this?  

NO. The art vinyl must have sufficiently flat areas as an anchor.

5. Shouldn't I measure the decal and trim it to fit my door before trying to install it?  

NO. The art vinyl must be applied to the door first before trimming.

6. Can I apply the art door vinyl all by myself?  

YES! However, it is always helpful to install with a friend.

7. Can a child's finger poke through the art door vinyl decal?  

NO; not unless he's Edward Scissorhands! 

8. Help! My crazy door is 28 1/4" wide at one point, but only 26 3/4" wide at another. What size should I order?  

NO problem! Order the next size larger than your widest measurement. In this case, a 30" wide art door vinyl is ideal. 

9. Can I put custom text on a door decal or mounted canvas?  

YES. Search for designs in our store that indicate custom text availability. 

10. Is the vinyl decal washable? 

YES! Wipe with a damp cloth.

11. Will the vinyl decal damage my door? 

NO. This is a flexible, low-tack adhesive that will not leave any residue or damage the paint even over time.

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