About Us

Creativity Is in Our DNA

We are artists, musicians, writers, actors, philosophers, debaters, jokers, movie critics, lyricists, poets, teasers, daydreamers and forever family members. Welcome to the organized chaos of transformative and ever-evolving artistic designs! 

First and foremost we hope to encourage positive art inspiration through quality original creations and an excellent relationship serving our customers! We envision an organic community outreach to artists everywhere. We seek to establish relationships with artists of all ages. We encourage children to submit their designs as inspiration for our new designs and to feature professional artists' concepts.

Cindi Tanner

Published by the AZ Game & Fish Dept. and formerly represented by fine art galleries in Scottsdale and Palm Springs, Cindi brings a lifetime of artistic expression and experience to our small family team. Quick to capitalize on son James’ concept of artistic decals for interior doors, Cindi researched product viability, interior design trends, and reliable, true color printing on high quality vinyl foundational to the business plan.

James Tanner

James is a true Renaissance man. His creative vision is always evolving and inspiring. As our Art Director, we defer to his formal review of all design compositions. He is our instructor for the tools and resources in our digital art programs and is constantly on the uptake for new techniques and more efficient project performance.

Leiland Tanner

Leiland is a published musician and a man of many talents and pursuits. His guitars, telescope, and home library illustrate his passion for music, the cosmos, and research. You can find him writing about his research, crafting things in his garage workshop, or outdoors on long desert hikes with his dog, Nina.