Why Portals?

Posted by James Tanner on

Portal. A doorway, gate, or other entrance, especially an imposing one.

When we formed Daydream Portals, we initially struggled with what to call ourselves. Of course we wanted something that hinted what we were about, transforming doors. Once I found that portal was an old word for door, I realized that we were halfway there to having the perfect name for our endeavor.

A door is something you simply open to walk through, but a portal invites imagination. Your spaces are literally transformed. Something as ubiquitous as a door, when imbued with a Daydream Portal can do the heavy lifting to bring home the peace of a Shinto temple.

Funny thing, how the portals change us and our surroundings. I see doors everywhere I go. Most of them are boring, we can change that.


Your door wants to become a portal.

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