“Unboring” the Boring

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I’ve visited the Emergency Room more often than the regular kid. I remember sitting in my hospital bed after being admitted for my broken right arm. The walls were so sterile and painted an uninteresting white. My roommate with pneumonia could play this Super Nintendo that the nurses wheeled in on a huge TV cart. I couldn’t join in on the fun because I couldn’t move the fingers on my right hand. So that’s when I started to hate white walls… too clinical and boring. Every inch of a hospital room should be covered in something interesting to look at for a healing child.


I’ve carried that mindset with me into adulthood. It’s why I got involved with muraling. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I drove through this neighborhood in Central Phoenix and found a delightful display of color and personality on what would otherwise be another boring wall.


I encourage you to invite more spontaneity, creativity, and art into your life. Consider inviting a muralist to your home to work their magic.

For your doors, Daydream Portals has got that covered… literally.

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