The Texture Tour

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As a digital artist, I’m always on the lookout for the next texture to use in my painting. Just the other day, I made a digital brush from a photo I took of the orange peel wall texture in our dining room. Now I’ve got stucco On Demand. When I’m out and about, I consider myself on another Texture Tour.

Once I find the right beauty, I make sure to take a photo. It can be used as inspiration, or, like my dining room wall, be applied directly to the next painting. We were walking back to our car after a short hike down the canal when I saw this beautiful driveway. The color and texture of each brick added so much personality to the house I walked by. The driveway was truly a work of art on its own. Each brick a different jewel in textured grandeur.

I see this as an inspiration for future door design. In order to achieve work like this, I’ll have to up my faux finish game. I’ll be practicing until I can create something that sings the same way this earthy concoction does.

Until then, I’ll be snatching up whatever texture gems I can. Stay tuned for new additions to our ever-growing catalog!

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