The Eye of the Creative Optimist: An unconventional perspective

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Individual perspective is a fascinating spectrum of thought and motivation. What moves me may not move thee. If I find a gutted space like this, I see fantastic potential for a beauuutiful space! Let's get busy! Someone else might look at this and feel traumatized. I get it. We have distinct tolerances for what kind of risks we are willing to take to make a beautiful space as well as clear opinions about our personal spaces and how they make us feel.
Many people may feel a little overwhelmed by interior design choices, a restrictive budget, or just a lack of the time necessary to be as intentional as they would like to be about the aesthetic perspective they want for their home. Let's window-shop different decorating perspectives for a little inspiration! For example:
Classic interior design can be instantly appealing. (This might be a transitional style-I don't know! But these people seem to know all about it here):
We welcome the economic perspective to revitalize a room without the expense of paint or new furniture just by tossing cute pillows around:
Decorating with books and bookcases or display shelves is a win-win! You can look smart and stylish! Wait a minute...something is OFF about these books...unbelievable! Do you see that?! What about the framed photographs? Wow. That's just so WRONG on multiple levels:
Color and texture are important for interior decor. Innovation in design concept is valued–but THIS just makes me feel like the utility drawer is empty:
Ah, love the muslin and yarn theme, so soft and natural. We can appreciate the clean, Scandinavian minimalist look: exposed woodgrain, white on white and natural fibers, sleeping practically on the floor with your fuzzy slippers...WAIT; is there a fire nearby? This guy had better be careful when he rolls out of bed. He could poke his eye out!
Traditionally, one of the primary ways we accent our space is to put things on our walls. This is an obvious way to express ourselves. 
(This woman is way into her eclectic framed mirrors collection...)
Not sure what the point of this is...twos? The number 2? Black & white two...?
Perspectives in past eras definitely leaned on the ornate side: 
Despite the great variety in which we can stage our personal spaces, one repeated, common design feature in our home is almost always overlooked: The DOOR. 
At Daydream Portals, we help you to see with the eye of a creative optimist! We embrace a perspective that challenges the way things ARE. Why don't we perceive doors as an equal partner in our personal statement?
Decorating an interior door may be unconventional, but your creative eye may see what we see–doors are finally a thing! 
Beautiful spaces seen in a whole new perspective!
(Kitchen pantry before & after the magic)

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