Honda Civic Texture Jam Part I: '98 Honda Civic hood inspiration

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Our next Texture Tour adventure is right under your nose! Or, in today's example, in my carport. 

Not much to see here! Just a get-from-point-A-to-point-B vehicle that has been very good to me. He came from Pennsylvania originally and sports a sweet "U.S. Navy Veteran" sticker on the back window which makes me feel proud even though I didn't do anything. The legit Navy Vet is the one who sold me the car and I thanked him for his service!

The hood of this faithful and battle-weary little Honda is the source of today's texture inspiration. See this?

Hold on, it's not your car! A deteriorating paint job is not the issue as much as the interesting crackle pattern well into what might be a serious Stage 4 metastasis. What can we do with this artistically?

Make friends!

I'm going to introduce Mr. Honda Hood to Miss Old Wooden Door my friend Dianna gave me. The alligator-patterned peeling paint over a 50 year time period is kind of mesmerizing.  I created an art file with 2 layers: Mr. Hood as the top layer image and his girlfriend image as the bottom layer. The top layer transparency was reduced to 86%. 

Next, the contrast level on both layers was increased to between 16 - 25. 

A multiply mode was applied to the top (hood) image.

The color balance was adjusted to about 40% cyan (a greenish-blue) for the bottom (door) image. Here is the result of this friendship so far:

It looks like they're getting along great! <3 Let's continue to manipulate this union- kind of like Austen's "Emma" but different...

This is what happened when a color burn mode was applied to the top layer, and the saturation level was amplified to about 30:

From the Brush Library, a chalk tool was selected and applied in 3 different variations of blue and purple to a new, 3rd layer placed in between the other 2 layers.

A soft eraser tool was used to remove the chalk splashes from the edges of the peeling paint that abutted the dark, bare wood areas.

 Here is a view of my working screen to illustrate the layer window:

This design is done so say I. We may even consider it for part of a mounted canvas romance collage series. Wouldn't that be nice?

HOT POTATO! I hereby pass this texture challenge on to James! He will access the TIF file of this Honda Hood Inspiration from a Google Drive folder. This TIF file retains all the working layers that he can manipulate at will.

The Texture Challenge Rules:

1) James must use my completed collage as his foundational canvas

2) He is free to add images and/or techniques to any layer

3) James' completed challenge version will be described step-by-step in a follow-up blog post as Texture Jam Part 2

What do you think? Are you excited to see what James does to this nearly perfectly matched texture collage romance? Stay tuned!

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