Technocat: When technology meets cattitude

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The Cat is a devotee of modern technology. It should be no surprise to anyone that Mr. Whiskers is motivated by a deep sense of meritocracy when shoving things off of shelves, mantles, and tabletops. Crude artifacts do not interest The Cat and as a consequence, are disposable. However, if it syncs with the cloud or preoccupies the hooman for extended periods of time–the object qualifies perfectly as a power The Cat must have.  

The feline attraction to and compulsion to assume decision-maker status over technical applications is questioned by leading experts in the field. What can we learn from this consistent behavior in domesticated Felis catus? A careful comparative analysis of The Cat’s evolutionary engagement with technology by Julija Neje is a worthy read: “Then vs Meow: How Technology Has Changed Cat’s Lives”, illustrated with gripping photo evidence: 

(Milo searches for his TD Ameritrade app.)

The Cat clearly is of the opinion that many of his concerns can be solved by the use of technology and these basic truths:

  • Warm is better
  • Quiet is preferred
  • Full is essential
  • Proximity is optional
  • Innuendo is futile
  • “Other” is less than Self
  • Out is better than in unless you are already out
  • Hair is to shed as annihilation is to claw
  • And whatever belongs to someone else was yours from the beginning

As rare as it may be that the device a digital artist uses to create art is temporarily dormant, The Cat will immediately seek it out and claim it. This is true regardless of how many times The Cat is discouraged in her attempts to dominate the device by walking languidly across the keyboard or rubbing aggressively against it while hoomans are using it.

The sensitive stylus in hand likewise is targeted by The Cat in critical mid-stroke as something to be foiled, and a person's face is the unhappy recipient of The Cat’s rear end with remarkable frequency. 

The Cat could care less that their need to BE at all times is immodestly self-serving. The appropriation of whatever the hooman appears to value is only a fitting entitlement in Cat elitist worldview. Domination of technology accessible in the home is an ethos The Cat cannot deny.

(Cleopatra or "Cleo": A tortoiseshell in Sphinx-like repose on my Sketchbook)

The Cat’s esprit de corps is so compelling that a sense of expectation is inferred by its unwavering aim to subdue the Microsoft Surface Pro without a hint of emotion. Have you experienced this phenomenon? Inquiring minds want to know!

Unfortunately the phrase, “When pigs fly…” might best be assigned to The Cat–who despite all her airs and obnoxious one-upmanship powerplay–will never create a single art file that’s any good.

*Photo credit: Trianons Oficial

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