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(Leiland performing his original music)
How often do you hear people remark, "I don't have a creative bone in my body!" Artists and musicians hear this A LOT from those who believe they don't have the mojo. Shouldn't we question that harsh assessment? 
Your brainpower is creative. Your language skills to describe your thoughts can be creative. How you prioritize your time can be creative. The way you organize your physical workspace be it office, garage, or kitchen - is creative. How you solve problems is often absolutely creative.
Creativity is closely connected to how workplaces are finally encouraged to adopt a big change in a best practice approach to the principles of productivity nowadays. Different productivity styles are recognized as assets. Some people are naturally wired to perform best on their own in a quiet, routine-dominated and distraction-free environment. Others shine in a group project bouncing ideas off of others. Innovators and problem-solvers are very closely related to each other because they both need some scheduled free time to be able to think; this type of worker performs best with a hands-off approach from their supervisor. Flexibility for management styles and workplace environments are empirically proven to inspire best outcomes in staff and company performance.
Think about it: What is the best fit for you when you prepare yourself either for a project or just to begin your day? Does it look like organized chaos? Are you frustrated by looking for what you need and constantly glancing at the clock? Do you feel distracted by clutter or reminders of other things you need to get done? Is it possible you have the capacity for all kinds of unrealized creativity but there are too many historical, emotional or physical systems that sideline an exploration of your creative instincts? What interrupts your flow of creative energy? 
Leiland placed our first prototype art door decal as our test subject on his home office closet door about a year ago (see it here in our installation video!). This is his primary creative space. Historically, the home office can also be a place of big stress. What difference did an artistic closet door decal really make, if any?
We expected Leiland to evaluate the prototype product for us from all aspects: the adhesion continuity, resistance to injury, the integrity of placement with active children and a crazy dog in the home, and honestly, if he would get sick of the busy tie-dye style color blast in there!
Leiland carefully observed over time not only his own personal reaction to a big, bold design in his home office, but he also noted how his family, friends, and visitors responded to it. 
(James stealing one of Leiland's guitars in plain sight)
Everyone felt energized by this bright accent in the room! Most importantly, Leiland continued to feel creatively-motivated even after you'd think the novelty of the decal's presence might have worn off. He found that the colorful decal lifted his spirits and amplified his desire to preserve his home office as a creative space! Leiland felt prompted to give more focused attention to time management and physical organization in order to manage household and family activities and still allow for his music, his art, teaching guitar lessons, and our family business. His daughter loves to retreat here to do her homework or to practice her love of Anime style artwork. An intentionally-creative space is now a positive mental health space.
His secondary creative space? Hiking in the beautiful Sonoran desert with his basenji-boxer mix rescue, Nina, seen here in a queenly repose in front of the family's entranceway hall closet:
(Deep Blue Sublimation from the Grunge Art Door Vinyl Collection)
The results of our sociological experiment are in! A beautiful Daydream Portal can help you prepare for creative inspiration wherever you want it, and whenever your innate inner-creativity is just waiting to burst out and begin the magic. It's science!
Suit up.

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