Patron of the Arts: NOT

Posted by Cindi Tanner on

(Lambchop or "Lammie" & "Lammers": A sweet Australian Shepherd-Terrier mix)
If I chew these cords, what will happen?
Tethered like snakes to that which robs me of walks
Like we used to do
That which chirps intermittently at high frequency
Or elicits a startled, “Oh no! Where did it go?”
Followed by a tear or two.
I get it, I’m wise to this electronic interference 
How quickly we forget ensconced in our chair!
It is with great restraint that I stare 
trying to make you feel 
Is it working?


Is someone at your place giving you the stink-eye for postponing playtime because you are working on an art project? Tell us about it!

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