I Spy With My Little Eye: Beautiful

Posted by Cindi Tanner on

A curiosity is on display in my sister-in-law's Mesa neighborhood:

Happiness strung for twenty feet across an eight foot tall stucco wall

A bold. starlit prognosis speaks confidently to all viewers

A collaboration of watercolor and poster paint signs and symbols festooned with accordion paper friends, dancing in a hot, dry breeze performing without an audience. The asphalt street, tacky in the early summer heat was empty for blocks. The stage was just a wall. Stage left or stage right, it was the same; an uninterrupted expanse of wall without any visible reason for said production. Plain, rough gravel lined its base; a few sparse leaves rustled against the concrete curb.

The eyes imagine what ears must have heard in the wings before curtain: children's excited voices, small hands gripping long-handled brushes dipping without hesitation in every color provided, and applying paint to paper with a vision in mind, a vision fulfilled.

The work completed, one wonders if significant persuasion was required to give up the masterpiece to the world! Or, if the proposed exhibit instead seemed like manifest destiny to a very young, very satisfied artist...



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