Fantastic Creatures: The pursuit of happiness

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What does your home environment say about you and who you are?

A home tour at my brother and sister-in-law's house will immediately introduce you to an assortment of Medievally-themed curiosities in the front room. Unlike the popular 2016 film, there is no Director of Magical Security intent on erasing your memory (or your smile) of these fun and fantastic little beasts:

(Stalag Mike sitting on top of the piano)

As a family tradition, they selected these one at a time from a talented sculptor based out of Colorado (link here) who exhibited at the local Renaissance faire. Yes, you heard that right: "these".

There are more.


This one is perched atop a wrought iron candelabra on top of the upright piano and two authentic dueling sabers. He is a cultured sort and seems to enjoy serenading his amused lady fair who gives him ambiguous sideward glances.


Gwendolyn might be emotional because she has a clear view of the dining table and many lovely costumed murder mysteries conducted there over a five-course meal. If you lean in close enough, you can hear her whisper, "The butler did it...".

(Carmen Biranda)

This one reminds me of why I wore braces for two years. Don't forget the headgear for six months. Good times.


This fellow is content to oversee the entire front room domain from his sentinel post by the archway and above a framed puzzle of Shakespeare's major plays.


Hurtling mid-air, mouth agape, prodigiously-snouted purple Geronimo is probably my favorite. His entire body language screams "ACTION!". While it is not clear action for what, the urgency to be quick about it is communicated perfectly and one feels properly energized to that proposition.


Flying blissfully through the air in the home foyer and adjacent to my watercolor painting of her favorite scripture, Skeeter is often completely missed by visitors. The painting was a gift to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. The little creatures? Clearly they are a gift to all of us.

My sister-in-law views these fanciful friends as cheery reminders not to take life too seriously. They are playful oddities that effortlessly distinguish the family home in a unique and colorful way. The best outside reaction came from a teenage first-time visitor to the home and was expressed by the customary pause, wide eyes, slow turn and open-mouth gaze. The girl said dejectedly, "Awww, my mom only has flowers..."

Proposition: Let us agree that creative expression is often a conduit to happiness!                                                                                             

Resolved: We shall live through this together! You, me, and ART to reach for the stars!                                                                                                                               

Okay, not all of us can create a King Arthur's Camelot for our front room, but we certainly do find joy and meaning to establish our individual style and expression in our home with creative family traditions.

Daydream Portals is a unique way to pursue happiness. Buy a door decal-be creative!

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