Debbie is a Trend-setter: ART as a happy risk

Posted by Cindi Tanner on

trend·set·ter  /ˈtren(d)ˌsedər/
noun: trend-setter
1. a person who leads the way in fashion or ideas
Always on top of her game,
Dispatching style with flair!
Her decor a fount of acclaim, 
Her home? Not au contraire.
The neighbors were nearly speechless,
Pray tell, what was her secret?
Debbie, dear, never a boor,
Invited them in for a tour.
Beaming at these mere mortals, 
She whispered, "Daydream Portals..."
* (Poetry standards outrageously trampled for your reading pleasure. We're not worried. Our awesome product more than makes up for it) 

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