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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

Self-expression is a journey worth taking. It takes on various forms, practical to quirky. By exposing yourself to something new and adventurous, you create fabulous memories. Does that mean you have your own bottle of vanilla syrup because you don’t trust the good folks at Coca-Cola to get the ratio just right? Maybe, and that’s perfectly fine.


Long hair? Skinny jeans? Okay. How about your walk? Try this on for size: next time you are out and about, try to pay attention to the way people walk. Their gait can say a lot about them. Is that person confident, relaxed? Is that person pensive, and timid? Plenty of people have leveled their walking game up to 1000. I’m thinking of the mid-nineteenth century French Flâneurs. These guys were seen doing outrageous things like taking a turtle out for a leisurely stroll. Now, I’m not saying go out and have your turtle fitted for a leash just yet, but there is a reason you can look to your left and then to your right and see so much diversity.


Life shouldn’t be treated like a synchronized swimming match. So you’ve tried sushi, thought about going on a hot air balloon ride, and your wardrobe is looking very respectable. What’s next, right? Being honest with yourself about who you are. This helps your best possible self have a chance of taking the stage, and will have far-reaching effects in your life. Keeping in touch with your inner-child is a life-skill.


Express yourself through art. Try your hand at watercolor, or enjoy the buttery smooth texture of pastel. Write. You can document family stories, journal, collect jokes, or interesting anecdotes. Play music, read a new book. You could always proudly display your love of the arts by bringing art in your workspace or home.


Your door would be happy to help you express yourself, your turtle probably just wants more veggies.

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